Migraine Resource Network is a comprehensive educational initiative for clinicians seeking current and emerging information on migraine headache. Our mission is to provide ongoing medical education that embodies evidence-based scientific data, current treatment strategies, and the insightful knowledge of expert faculty. Our goal is to support your ongoing dedication to optimizing treatment outcomes for your patients.

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Although prevalent, migraine remains significantly underdiagnosed and undertreated. Often, lack of recognition of migraine by patients themselves contributes to underdiagnosis, although failure to consult with specialists or diagnose properly are also important factors.1 The assessment and screening tools in this section of MigraineResourceNetwork.com have been assembled from multiple sources, and, when used to assess migraine and migraine-related disability, support a comprehensive and proactive approach to the care of patients with migraine.

Download Brief Headache Screen (BHS) PDF

Download MIDAS Questionnaire PDF

Download Migraine-ACT Questionnaire PDF

Download HIT-6 Questionaire PDF

The Headache Impact Test™ or HIT-6, a short version of the DYNHA™ Headache Impact Test, uses only six patient self-assessment-questions. HIT-6 is used to screen patients and diagnose for migraine and to capture the effect of headache and its treatment on the patient’s functional status and quality of life.

Ware JE, Kosinski M, Dewey JE. How to Score Version 2 of the SF-36® Health Survey. Lincoln, RI: QualityMetric Incorporated, 2000.




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