Migraine Resource Network is a comprehensive educational initiative for clinicians seeking current and emerging information on migraine headache. Our mission is to provide ongoing medical education that embodies evidence-based scientific data, current treatment strategies, and the insightful knowledge of expert faculty. Our goal is to support your ongoing dedication to optimizing treatment outcomes for your patients.

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Want to know more? MigraineResourceNetwork.com provides you with the vital resources you need to stay informed and up-to-date on all aspects of migraine management. The MRN Resources section is a great place to start! Here you’ll find:

  • Definitions and Overview: Are you new to, or do you have limited experience with migraine management? If so, then this is the perfect place to start! Click here to find a fundamental overview of migraine headache, including some interesting definitions on various and sometimes rare migraine types. This section provides the vital foundation of information for every health care professional to build their migraine knowledge.
  • Fast Facts: This section provides a concise, practical, peer-reviewed, and evidence-based summary on migraine management as a series of quick teaching tools and an interesting read of key migraine facts and figures. Neurologists are more prone to migraines than the general population! Can you guess if this statement is true or false? Click on this link to see if you answered correctly and to find other interesting tidbits of information.

  • Journal Links: This section provides MRN users with a series of links directly to the most informative and relevant print journals in the field of migraine.

  • Society and Resource Links: This section provides links to online resources that supplement the tools and information that are available on MRN.
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