Migraine Resource Network is a comprehensive educational initiative for clinicians seeking current and emerging information on migraine headache. Our mission is to provide ongoing medical education that embodies evidence-based scientific data, current treatment strategies, and the insightful knowledge of expert faculty. Our goal is to support your ongoing dedication to optimizing treatment outcomes for your patients.

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Migraine Resource Network

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Migraine is a painful, debilitating disorder which affects more than 300 million people in the world and is ranked as the 19th most common cause of YLDs (years living with a disability). It affects the lives of many families, and is associated with an economic burden of more than $31 billion annually. MigraineResourceNetwork.com was established in 2008 to provide practicing clinicians with up-to-the-minute interactive programs, information and clinical perspectives on the latest developments in the field of migraine.

MigraineResourceNetwork.com is an educational initiative, developed in collaboration with a dedicated group of leading experts in migraine management which aims to:

  • Provide clinicians with current and emerging information on migraine headache
  • Provide high quality, scientifically rigorous, evidence-based medical education to increase clinician knowledge on clinical migraine management
  • Ultimately improve the quality of life of migraineurs

The heart of the MRN initiatives is this website, which is a repository for a range of comprehensive and practical tools, as well as the latest information and clinical perspectives. We pride ourselves on including innovative multimedia options to ensure your experience is interactive, learning-centered and user-friendly. Remember, this is your site, so please contribute any suggestions, patient case studies, topics of interest or general forum questions today. Check back often, as new information will be added regularly!

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